Saturday, December 31, 2011

Solar Technology : Low-cost Printable Solar Panels

Nannosolar's thin-film solar printing technology produceslow-cost solar cells and panels. Using nano technology they grow thin-filmsolar cells (nanoparticle ink) that can be printed on glass or flexiblematerials, which can be manufactured at a lower cost than the conventionalvacuum panels. This technology has been recognized as the first solartechnology that is cheaper than Coal. This is a big leap into clean energysources.

Nanosolar nanoparticles are 20 nanometers in size, equivalent to 200 atoms in diameter. We have developed a proprietary ink formula and techniques for fabricating our nanoparticles that are non-agglomerating and that produce high-quality coatings. Nanosolar
The biggest criticisms to solar energy are thecost of manufacturing, installing and even maintaining it. Thin-filmtechnology is characterized by a CIGS (Copper,Indium, Gallium, Selenium) semiconductor printed on low-cost,Conductive aluminum foil combined with a Metal-Wrap-Through as back contact. Ituses very little of the expensive silicon, which is the main ingredient of theconventional solar cells (photovoltaic cells). And with the addition of usingexisting industrial printing and manufacturing industries technology. Solarcells and panels are produced in high speeds at low-cost. This decrease, if noteliminate, the cost issues of using solar energy systems.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Amazing Clean and Green technologies

Have you ever wondered what we are doing to fight global warming or save & preserve the Earth or save Ourselves?.
I have asked this question, and it triggered a curiosity in me. This curiosity lead me into writing this blog. For me writing doubles my chances of remembering what I have read and learned, and it also allows me to share as well as learn from the insights/comments of the readers.
In searching for answers, I have come across a lot of amazing technologies. And not just concepts or technology for the future, but real ones. Some I never imagined had already existed today. There are also non high-tech solutions which are being applied and studied. Very simple yet very amazing and incredible. The fact that they have thought and came up with the ideas are just so amazing.
Here are the technologies and solutions that has topped my list so far. These will be the topics of my next posts.

India's largest automaker is set to launch the world's first commercial air-powered car on Indian streets by 2012.

Nano-Solar Technology : low-cost Printable Solar Cell
Nanosolar grows a thin film semiconductor using a printing and annealing process that is far faster than conventional high vacuum deposition. This creates cheap and efficient solar panels.

A weak electrical current is used to charge underwater metal structures.  The metal frame known as "the crab" is covered with huge corals in shimmering colors where hundreds of fish have made their homes. 

Amazingly clean and green technology solutions.

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