Saturday, January 28, 2012

Prepeat - Inkless rewritable printer

The Prepeat, "Print Repeat" is an eco-printer that can significantly reduce our use of papers. This rewritable printer is inkless, tonerless and makes the printed papers completely reusable. How does it do that? Well, the Prepeat uses a special paper made from PET plastic that can be printed on over and over again without degradation in quality, through the Prepeat. The printer uses a special thermal head that erases the content of the paper and at the time prints the new document. The printer promotes high-speed printing as well as reduce the running costs if you factor in the ink and paper. From the video, we can determine that the current price on the printer is at 500,000 yen, that is around $,5,600. While the special paper is sold in lots of 1,000 pieces which is another 300,000 yen or $3,360. And the paper is said to be reusable for 1,000 times of re-printing.

With this technology, offices can also say goodbye to paper shredders. Since the Prepeat can also erase the paper's content without re-printing anything. Just slide the paper into the printer and press the erase button. However, there has been no details on how much information can be extracted from the paper, if ever this is possible. This may pose as an issue for handling confidential documents.

Checkout the video and be amazed. It is truly clean and green technology.


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  1. Cool!
    But does this print colored pictures as well? probably not right?

    1. It only prints black. This is most suitable as company printer. For business meeting or training presentation hand-outs, most likely.

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