Saturday, March 10, 2012

Philippines' first public e-Jeepney franchise, launched in Makati Philippine Car News - LTFRB issues Philippines’ first electric public utility jeep franchise
Philippines's first commercial Electronic Jeepney (left),
traditional Public utility jeepney (right)

Twenty one (21) e-jeepneys started running on the streets of Makati City on March 01, 2012. After the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has issued the country's first commercial electronic jeepney (e-jeepney) franchise last February 27, 2012.

The launching of the the e-jeepney franchise not only marks a historic moment for the Philippine transportation. It also displays the growing community pushing for clean and green solutions. As the primary mode of public transport, the e-jeepneys should have great impact on the environment and for the country's drive to go for green solutions - alternative energy source, alternative fuel and promote low-emission vehicles.

Currently, the e-jeepneys are charging with the mandated fare, eight pesos (P8.00) for every four (4)  kilometers. But the LTFRB are already considering that the e-jeepneys charge lower than the mandatory fare, having it a five (P5.00) to six (P6.00) pesos. E-jeepney drivers will be paid as minimum wage employees, and not by "boundary" system.

By setting a salary for the drivers,  ensures the safety of the passengers, since the drivers will not be speeding through the streets to meet a target boundary.

This is indeed a historic moment and a big step towards green solutions. With the success of the e-jeepney, the transport group are hoping to have more investors. Not just for the e-jeepney, but also for other alternative energy sources. One of which is to use LPG as an alternative to diesel, though feasibility study and testing is yet to start, it is still very good to hear that we are actually pushing for green solutions.

source: sunstar

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